Bus Ticket Project

Back Office​

The web management system includes all the functionality of a weboriented system. Web ticketing from PC or smart "mobile". For ticket offices, consultative planning, geolocation, equipment maintenance.​

Screenshot of the home page which shows that the possibility of accessing the data of each company is regulated by an accreditation system with user code and password.​

The section of the monitor containing photos of the products that are offered with the related technical data sheets. The photos have a presentation cycle and I don't know if they can be considered news to the customer relating to the updating of the products on sale.​

This page (usable only by the system administrator) allows you to customize the access levels to the different pages (left section), to create equal access profiles for users with a homogeneous profile, and to create users by assigning one or more access profiles to them.​

This page, usable only General access menu. At the top right the possibility of accessing news relating to the software​

Map of the activity of a single vehicle on a given day, its commitment in relation to the work shift carried out, stops and travel times. ​

Cloud Service​​

The role of the localization function is to provide the geographic coordinates of the single bus stop and its intended passage. The localization function is directly connected to the GPS “embedded” tracker.

Moreover, thanks to the connection of the driver console to the web server, it is possible to establish and examine the position of the entire bus unit on the territory in real time. It is also possible for passengers to observe the position of the arrival bus all over the regional bus network with any type of device connected to the internet and thanks to the infomobility module. 
The function of issuing and selling tickets on board are developed by the driver’s console. Once the ticket has been paid, the user will receive a proof payment notice together with a paid ticket number. The user will show it once he/she is on-board of the vehicle.  ​