Bus Ticket Project

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The X-9000-QS is one of the most innovative device in the market created by X-System. 
It offers several solutions to secure collections. It accepts all e-money payment. The device includes PIN pad, magstripes, Barcode reader Type2 (QR- choose the color of the ticket issuing or electronic fare payment methods related to the is based on a Linux Platform and microchip C-less card and Code) payments. 
Customers can Validation ticket machine. 

technical product sheet​


The VM-X system can be externally installed. It issues paper tickets with QR-Code, magnetic strip and/or pre-coded or coded contactless smart card on the spot. It accepts coins and banknotes payment with change, credit and prepaid cards and it can be used to top up smart cards.
The system is characterized by a sturdy anti-burglar protection with a 3 mm thick safe cash machine and an automatic lock down portable cash box. VM-X offers an unbeatable price/quality ratio. It is equipped by a colour 21’’ touch screen and an easily understood software. VM-X is provided by a control web system that allows to check the evolution and the status of the collection, and every kind of needs such as to fill or to empty the cash register. It is able to renovate all kind of parameters like fare and app. updating. Moreover, VM-X is capable of sending up to six different mobile numbers out of paper, network failure and attempted breaking text messages. 

technical product sheet​